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Class A energy efficiency

Its characteristics (noiselessness, lightness and accurate design of all mechanical and safety components) ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator achieved this prestigious international goal.
The lifting platform uses green oil, 100% biodegradable. This ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator has a rated load of 320kg, nominal demand per year (365 days of operation) for rated values: 277,08 kWh.


* Villas (new and existing)

* Shopping Centres

* Offices

* Hotels

* Shops, Restaurants, etc.

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Minimal Construction and FootPrint

. Easy to install

. Power consumption like any household
  electrical appliance

. Removes architectural barriers, Retrofit

. Requres a small space

. Wide range available

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Hydraulic Elevator Highlights

The elevator is designed to meet your vertical mobility needs in both public and private buildings. It is the ideal solution for elderly and impaired mobility people.

The homelift or lift for public spaces can be also provided with automatic folding doors. This solution allows the use of automatic operation.

What is this Hydraulic Elevator ?

It is the personal lift designed to meet the requirements of vertical mobility in public and private buildings. It is the ideal solution for elderly and disabled people, allowing them to move independently and free from the stairs. It is user-friendly and functional.
It can be quickly installed, takes up little space and requires minimal maintenance.It is user-friendly and very silent.
It can be connected to a dedicated 230 volt electrical outlet and the installation requires limited masonry work. The documentation and planning permission required for the installation are simplified.
It is a modern product, conceived and manufactured in order to meet any requirement.


Features of Hydraulic Elevator

Being elegant, quiet and discrete allows ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator to perfectly fit any environment, new or existing.

The elegance of ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator is created by the sleek anodised aluminium structure and the standard panoramic glass door which provides optimum light and visibility.

It is a truly modern product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and tastes. From the garage to the roof, ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator travels effortlessly up to five floors.



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