Quiet and easy to install


Power consumption like any household electrical appliance


Connect to any electrical outlet


Removes architectural barriers


Available in 54 models, indoor and outdoor


Class A: Energy Efficiency

Its characteristics (noiselessness, lightness and accurate design of all mechanical and safety components) ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator achieved this prestigious international goal.
 ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator uses green oil, which is 100% biodegradable and another feather in our cap. This ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator has a rated load of 320kg, nominal demand per year (365 days of operation) for rated values: 277,08 kWh.


  • New Villas
  • Existing Villas
  • Shopping Centres
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Restaurants

Minimal Construction

  • Easy to install
  • Power consumption like any household electrical appliance
  • Removes architectural barriers, Retrofit
  • Requres a small space
  • Wide range available

Hydraulic Elevator Highlights

The elevator is designed to meet your vertical mobility needs in both public and private buildings. It is the ideal solution for elderly and impaired mobility people.

The homelift or lift for public spaces can be also provided with automatic folding doors.

Hydraulic Elevators
Hydraulic Elevators

What is this Hydraulic Elevator ?

It is the personal lift designed to meet the requirements of vertical mobility in public and private buildings. It is the ideal solution for elderly and disabled people, allowing them to move independently and free from the stairs. It is user-friendly and functional.
It can be quickly installed, takes up little space and requires minimal maintenance.It is user-friendly and very silent.
It can be connected to a dedicated 230 volt electrical outlet and the installation requires limited masonry work. The documentation and planning permission required for the installation are simplified.
It is a modern product, conceived and manufactured in order to meet any  every requirement.
Hydraulic Elevators


The BASIC version has been configured for internal applications. Doors are blind with a small window as well as the shaft panels realized in MDF material. Protection wall with safety edge is the car layout chosen. Protection lateral staves are Skin plate A4. Shaft and doors are RAL painted (RAL9016-White). 4 different plan sizes available. 2 reference configurations: – 2 stops / 3 m / 2 doors – 3 stops / 6 m / 3 doors One access at each landing (either on A, B, or C side).
Hydraulic Elevators
Hydraulic Elevators


Modern platform lifts can be functional and stylish. A perfect example of this is ThyssenKrupp Encasa’s Gulliver/Orion: The hydraulic vertical platform lift is ideal for a wide range of homes and public buildings.
Traveling from the basement to the top floor is simple, especially because the Gulliver/Orion models offer the possibility of access from three sides.
The Gulliver/Orion series provides the option or personalization: The design is adaptable and there are so many colors and door models to choose from.
  • Energy efficient
  • Power consumption like any householdelectrical appliance
  • Connects to any electrical 220-230 V outlet
  • Max 100 mm pit required
  • Wide range of cabin walls finishing
  • 2-year warranty
  • Simple design and usability



ThyssenKrupp quick installation procedure requires minimum builder’s work. The installation also needs limited regulatory approval and benefits from reduced maintenance costs and low energy consumption by using the normal household 230V outlets.


With the car being fully enclosed on three sides and the use of internal photocell sensors, passenger safety is always guaranteed. An operating key is located on the push button panel to prevent unauthorised use. In the event of a complete power failure the car is automatically brought to a landing allowing passengers to safely exit.


ThyssenKrupp is an affordable solution with accessories ideal for those with impaired mobility or special needs.
The push button control panel is located at a comfortable and accessible height. The remote control provides full operation of the powered door opening and landing calls. The XL version is especially designed to provide you with greater space and load.


Two-year warranty.

Features of Hydraulic Elevator

Being elegant, quiet and discrete allows ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator to perfectly fit any environment, new or existing.

The elegance of ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator is created by the sleek anodised aluminium structure and the standard panoramic glass door which provides optimum light and visibility.

It is a truly modern product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and tastes. From the garage to the roof, ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator travels effortlessly up to five floors.

Hydraulic Elevators

HE 7

The new HE 7 Series stands for individuality and a modern life style . They are a piece of art in personalized tailor-made design: The puristic style Cool combines element of stainless steel, glass and wood .Noble the classic form with dark oak and walnut wood, stands for elegance and tradition.
In the Romantic style cabin floral patterns are combined with varnished wood with raised moulding. The cabin design Opulent pays homage to individuality with its extravagants and exclusive materials like cushioned leather.
Hydraulic Elevators

Comfort & practicality

Thanks to the new models with automatic sliding (see page 12) or folding (as shown in the picture) doors, the automatic operation can be deployed. Thus the operation is user-friendly and similar to a traditional lift. A new easy concept for this product.

Functionality everywhere

Public areas :

Thanks to Thyssenkrupp, shops and restaurants, shopping centres, offices, hotels and factories offer easy access to all levels. Easy and quick to install, Thyssenkrupp is the ideal solution for complete mobility within public and working areas.
The wide choice of models and features enables Thyssenkrupp to meet any requirement within a new or existing building. Installation flexibility, large service capacity and elegant aesthetics are just some of the Thyssenkrupp key features. In the case of existing buildings with especially reduced and tight spaces, the Thyssenkrupp is the ideal solution.

Outdoor :

Thyssenkrupp can be easily installed outdoors. It requires minimal builder’s work without affecting the architectural context and integrity of the building whilst offering easy access to all floors.
The all-aluminium structure can be painted and finished to complement the building and provide durability.

HE 6

With our HE 6 model range we are aiming to provide maximum comfort combined with a considerable amount of convenience .Extremely modlar in its design this range underlines our approach to comnine state-of-the-art technology with individual style.Amongst others,space saving and flexible installing both inside and outside are the main advantages of the HE6 range.

Classic style

Home Elevators 6Series can be designed to perfectly match your personal style and home decor. With two options, Classic and Modern, you can pick your style and then customize everything from your cabin walls to floors to lighting.


  • Gearless technology
  • Mechanical constructions
  • Quiet
  • Smooth
  • Full range of customization options
  • Power efficiency
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes

Hydraulic Elevator

GRL keep the rails used in the elevator out instead ‘use free of ‘oil and Grease Thus avoiding dust and ending up to lower level of maintenance and wear and tear. This in turn keeps us away from replacing Oil in future.
As a globally recognised and respected certification body, TUV SUD tests and certifies to national and international energy efficiency standards such as Energy Star and the ErP Directive.
The following are some of the key advantages when using this oil :
  • Quick and Easy Plug and Play
  • Excellent features at high and low temperatures, Extreme stability at high temperatures
  • Compatibility with sealing materials, Optimum capability of water separation
  • No jamming and no resinification of hydraulic systems, No resins, No Sediments
  • Excellent stability at aging, Long lifetime
Hydraulic Elevators

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Phone1 : +91 – 44 2490 2828
Phone2 : +91 – 44 2490 2827

Fax : +91 – 44 2490 2827

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