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Nibav Vacuum Elevators are powered by the most abundant resources in the world … AIR ! Nibav lifts introduces the lifts for homes and are now the most craved elevator models among the people of India.

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Nibav Vacuum Elevator are powered by the most abundant resources in the world … AIR ! . This modern world transparent self-supporting Elevator is engineered to use AIR pressure for ascending and descending operations. We get all our elevators delivered in a semi assembled state, this is to reduce our installation time and to maintain quality of installation. With our vision “Now Luxury in Every Home” , this elevator is now being manufactured in INDIA in order to sell this luxury home elevator at an affordable price. As a consumer one of your major concerns would be how the elevator will look inside your residence.

Amazingly vacuum lifts easily blend with every home decor and gives your home a luxurious feel. The compact design allows it to fit in any corner of your home without occupying much space and with the 360 degree panoramic view it will ensures that no area of your home gets blocked. Having this modern day transparent self sufficient elevator will obviously add value to your property.

What We Give


360° Panoramic Glass View

Experience an uninterrupted panoramic view with Nibav Home Lifts, where we employ cutting-edge unbreakable polycarbonate glass technology.



Nibav Home Elevators operate on a single-phase power system, consuming a mere 3.7 kVA during ascent which is very low. Remarkably, GREEN Elevator solution.


Light Weight

Crafted from an alloy of aluminum and galvanized steel, Nibav Home Lifts achieve the perfect balance of being lightweight without compromising strength.


Effortless Assembly

Our home lifts come in a semi-assembled state, eliminating the need for welding, taping, or ducting work at your home. Our skilled engineers will do hassle-free installation within 24-48 working hours.


Certified Excellence

TÜV SÜD, a globally recognized certification agency, has bestowed Nibav Home Lifts with the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certification


Increased Property Value

Elevate your property’s worth with a home elevator—a savvy investment that showcases foresight and practicality. Strategically integrated proven.



Discover the Elevating Possibilities

Everything you need to know on getting the perfect vacuum elevator for your Dream Home is much easier and more affordable than many people think. Download your free brochure to find out more.


Our air-driven lifts prioritize super efficiency, safety, and a view without limits. Compact, efficient, and requiring minimal space, our lifts are crafted using Aluminum and Galvanized Steel, guaranteeing longevity and comfort with minimal maintenance.

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“With Nibav the need to alter the staircase or the interiors is totally eliminated. The lift is a big asset and is user-friendly. Nibav is highly recommended.”

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